The Deck Guy
Franchise Opportunities
Looking for a low-cost easy startup business?

Look no further. With minimal investment, you can utilize our marketing program, and get started. The Deck Guy owns the legal trademark, the toll free number 888-deckguy, as well as which are key to starting a business. Just think, would you remember a sign that says The Deck Guy 1-888-DECK-GUY, or Ricky-bobby's pressure cleaning, yardcare, driveway service at a random number? Nobody drives by our signs and wonders what we do.

Simplicity is key in marketing, and our franchises typically operate with a marketing budget of less that 5% of their gross sales which is unheard of in the service industry. For information regarding a new location, please contact us. We are aggessively moving into expansion with two new locations in VA and CO in 2009.

What do you get?

The licensing fee covers the cost of training, online setup, database usage, and the first bunch of signs and uniforms.  Then the owner must purchase their own equipment and maintain their business.  We provide a billing service, customer retention program through email and mail, continued training, and discounted relationships with vendors etc.  The Deck Guy ® will supply the company with marketing materials such as job signs each year. To wrap it all up, The 1-888-DECK-GUY phone number and website help to make any franchise visible and viable.

What do we do best?

Our core competency is powerwashing and weatherproofing of wooden decks. We also wash houses, sidewalks, swingsets, patios etc.  We also transform old worn out decks to new with our re-decking program offering wood, or maintenance free composite.  We are Timbertech Elite contractors and we can offer a 25 year warranty.

Safe assumptions:

It is safe to assume that with the proper effort that someone in year one of a location would do 85-125k in sales. The name is simple, and as you know simple is best when marketing.  Nobody drives past one of our trucks or signs and wonders what we do for a living.  This business is good for someone who wants to compliment another business, but is probably best for a young hard working individual that wants to build his name.

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